190 Visa South Australia

190 Visa South Australia Program

190 Visa South AustraliaIn this article, we will explain the requirements and application process for 190 Visa South Australia.
The Skilled Work 190 visa allows points-tested skilled workers and their families to live, study and work in Australia permanently. Visa holders can enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare, sponsor relatives to come to Australia, and become Australian citizens if eligible. This visa is for people with skills that are in high demand in Australia’s labour market to settle in Australia.

190 Visa South Australia Application Process

Step 1 – Seek Professional Assistance

Seeking professional migration advice about your eligibility for Australian immigration and the action plan.

Step 2 – EOI for South Australia 190

You must submit a valid EOI (Expression of Interest) for South Australia 190 and ensure the information in the EOI is accurate and up to date.

Step 3 – ROI for South Australia 190

If you are applying for skilled migration through the Talent & Innovators Program, you will need to submit a Registration of Interest application via Skilled & Business Migration portal.

Step 4 – State Nomination Application for South Australia 190

Submit the official nomination application to South Australia.

Step 5 – Apply for 190 Visa

Once your state nomination application has been approved, you will receive the approval letter and also the invitation to make an application for the 190 skilled visa.

Step 6 – Respond to any RFI requests by the Immigration

When the Department of Home Affairs assesses your visa application, they may send a number of RFI (Request for Further Information) to ask for more information for verification before making a decision on your visa application. It is critical that you fully understand the 190 visa requirement before you lodge the application.

190 Visa Requirements – Federal Government

You and your dependant family must satisfy the Department of Home Affairs requirements:

    • must be under age 45 when being nominated
    • obtain a full skills assessment for the skilled occupation that you have nominated
    • have competent level of English Language
    • scored at least 65 points or higher on the skilled migration point test

Nomination Requirements for 190 Visa South Australia – State Government

  • Residency Requirements

By submitting the application, you are indicating that you intend to live and work in South Australia with a view to long-term settlement.

If you are in Australia but not currently residing in South Australia, you can only apply through the Talent & Innovators Employment Program (see below).

If you are living outside of Australia and have an occupation that is on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List, you can seek 190 SA state nomination; however, you must submit an ROI application.

  • Occupation

You must have an occupation on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List and meet the eligibility requirements for that occupation.

  • Skills Assessment

You must have a valid and positive General Skilled Migration skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Skills assessment must be issued within the last 3 years. if the skills assessing authority has specified a shorter validity period, the skills assessment is only valid until that specified date.

  • Work experience

You must meet the work experience requirement listed for your nominated occupation.

Skilled work experience must be undertaken after completing your degree. It must satisfy the requirement of a minimum of 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight of paid employment in your nominated or closely related occupation. However, if you are already working in South Australia or you are a South Australian graduate, you may be eligible for exemptions or waivers to the work experience requirement, as specified in the occupation requirements.

  • English

You must meet the minimum English language requirement listed for your occupation.

If you are currently working in a skilled occupation in South Australia, you are required to have at least competent English. However, if your nominated occupation requires registration or licensing to practice in South Australia, you will need to ensure you meet the English requirement set by the registration or licensing authority to work in South Australia.

If you hold a passport from the following countries, the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand, you do not need to provide an English test result.

  • Points

You must meet the minimum points requirement listed for your occupation (including state nomination points).

Available Nomination Programs

There are 3 available nomination programs for 190 South Australia visa. The following is a brief introduction to these programs.

  • Talent and Innovators Program

This program allows the state to nominate high calibre applicants under one of the following five streams:

      1. Employment stream: For highly skilled migrants who are working for South Australian businesses
      2. Outer Regional South Australia workforce stream: For skilled applicants working for outer regional South Australian businesses (who do not qualify to apply directly for state nomination but wish to provide a submission for consideration)
      3. Start up and small business stream: For entrepreneurial skilled migrants who have started their own business in South Australia
      4. High performing graduate stream: For high performing graduates who have completed their qualification at a South Australian higher education institution
      5. Independent talent stream: For high calibre applicants seeking state nomination

Applicants who meet the guidelines for the Talent and Innovators Program will need to submit an ROI via the Skilled & Business Migration portal. The SA Government may invite you to apply for state nomination if your ROI is selected.

  • Currently working in South Australia (including long-term resident of SA)

This program is for applicants who are currently residing and working in South Australia. The eligible applicants may also be qualified for additional concessions and waivers. There are 3 streams under this program:

      1. Currently living and working in South Australia: The applicant must be working at least 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight in the nominated or closely related occupation in South Australia for the duration required for the nominated occupation. For 190 nomination, the applicant must be currently working for the last 12 months in SA, unless specified differently for the occupation.
      2. Living and working in regional South Australia: Concessions to the work experience requirements are available for applicants who are living and working in outer regional SA. The applicant must be employed and residing in an area outside of Greater Adelaide. If the applicant is currently living and working in the regional SA for the last 24 months in any occupation (doesn’t need to be a skilled occupation nor related to the nominated occupation), the applicant may be eligible to be nominated for a 190 visa nomination under this stream.
      3. Living and working in South Australia as a long-term resident: This stream is for long-term residents who are living and working in SA in other skilled occupations. There are 3 options under this stream, which are International Graduates and Partners, Other Temporary Visa Holders, and Safe Haven Enterprise visa holders.
  • International Graduate of South Australia

If you are an international graduate of South Australia, you may be eligible for this program. However, you will need to meet many requirements, for instance:

      • Your SA course must be CRICOS registered, with a minimum of 46 CRICOS weeks;
      • A minimum of 50% of your qualification must have been completed in SA;
      • You must have resided in SA for at least one year during your period of study;
      • You must have continuously resided in SA post-course completion;
      • You must meet any course requirements or minimum qualification levels listed for your occupation;
      • You must meet the specific work experience requirements listed for your nominated occupation, unless specified differently for your occupation;
      • You must be working at least 20 hours per week or 40 hours per fortnight in your nominated or closely related occupation in SA for the duration required for your nominated occupation unless specified differently for your occupation.

If you are a high-performing graduate of SA, you will need to submit an ROI for the Talent and Innovators Program. Furthermore, waivers to the skilled work experience requirements may be applicable to you.

Ausdirect Migration for SA 190 Visa

South Australia general skilled visa is extremely competitive; therefore, it is highly recommended to engage professional services in order to achieve the best outcome for your visa application.

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