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David Wang - Ausdirect Migration

David Wang

Director & Principal

David is the Director of Ausdirect Migration and practices in broad areas of Migration Law, including Employer Sponsorship Programs, Skilled Visas, Family Visas, and Business and Investment Visas etc.
Elaine Peng - Ausdirect Migration

Elaine Peng

Migration Agent

Elaine is our migration agent, highly specialized in skilled visas, student visas, family visas, and employer-sponsored visas. She holds an Bachelor of Law degree and speaks both English and Mandarin.
Our Team at Ausdirect Migration

Jessica Yang

Migration Agent

Jessica is our migration agent based in Melbourne. She has a vast knowledge of current and past migration law and specializes in Skilled Migration, Family Visas, and Temporary Visas. Jessica is fluent
Our Team at Ausdirect Migration

Vladimir Stankovski

Migration Agent

Vladimir Stankovski is our senior migration agent. His expertise notably lies in all Family-related Visas, Skilled Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas (both permanent and temporary), and Student Visas.
Liang Jiang - Ausdirect Migration

Liang Jiang

Migration Agent

Liang is our senior migration agent located in Perth WA. He is specialised in Skilled Visas, Employer Sponsorship Visas, Family Visas, Business and Investment Visas etc. He speaks both English and Man
Our Team at Ausdirect Migration

Priyanka Buvaneswaran

Migration Coordinator

Priyanka is our Migration Coordinator, bringing extensive immigration experience and a commitment to client satisfaction throughout the immigration journey. She is fluent in English, Malay, and Tamil.
Our Team at Ausdirect Migration

Hazel Tan

Migration Coordinator

Hazel is our Migration Coordinator, with extensive experience in education and a strong passion for helping clients navigate complex migration landscapes. Hazel speaks both English and Mandarin.
Our Team at Ausdirect Migration

Hanhong Fu

Operation Manager

Hanhong is our operation manager, looking after our operations. She has has brought her dedication, wealth of knowledge and years of experience to our team to oversee and optimise our operations.

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