Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

Subclass 408: Temporary Activity Visa

Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa is a short-term visa which allows sponsored or supported individual to do specific types of work/activity in Australia on a temporary basis.

Activity Types

  • Participant invited take part in a community-based event for a cultural or social activity such as a sporting, religious, artistic or academic event, or a conference in Australia
  • Sports trainee participating in high-level sports training
  • Elite sports player, coach, instructor or adjudicator invited to be a player, a coach, an instructor or an adjudicator in relation to an Australian sporting team or sporting organisation
  • Religious worker invited to work or participate in an activity that directly serves the religious objectives of an religious institution legally established in Australia on a full-time basis
  • Domestic worker invited to work on a full-time basis in the private household of certain national managing director, deputy national managing director or State or Territory manager of an Australian office of a foreign government agency or foreign organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia
  • Superyacht crew member sponsored/supported by the captain, owner or operator of a superyacht in Australia
  • Academic at an overseas tertiary or research institution invited to observe or participate in an Australian research project at an Australian tertiary or research institution
  • Research student or recent graduate of an overseas educational institution invited to undertake research at an Australian tertiary or research institution that is closely related to field of study
  • Overseas employee taking part in a reciprocating staff exchange arrangement with an employee of an organisation operating in Australia
  • Participating in a Youth Exchange program, School-to-school Interchange program, School Language Assistants program or any other approved cultural enrichment or community benefits program an Australian school/organisation
  • Program/event endorsed by the Australian Government from time-to-time
  • Working in the entertainment industry in Australia as a performer, production or support staff in film, television or live productions

Stay Period

Varies from activity to activity and can be:
  • Up to 4 years for an Australian Government Endorsed activity
  • Up to 3 months for invited participant in other social and cultural activity
  • Up to 2 years for any other activities

Apply from...

All applicants may be in or outside Australia, but not in immigration clearance, to apply and to be granted this visa.
To make a valid application for Subclass 408 visa and/or be granted this visa, the following sets of criteria must be met:
Meet eligibility criteria for relevant types of activity
Each activity type has specific criteria that must be met for the grant of this visa.
Have adequate arrangements for health insurance
Before this visa can be granted, all applicants must have adequate arrangements for health insurance that meet the requirements for visa purposes throughout the period of intended stay in Australia.

Applicant from countries that have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia might not need to purchase insurance cover in order to meet the adequate arrangements for health insurance requirement. For detailed information, kindly visit Services Australia website.
Genuine Temporary Entrant
All applicants must demonstrate genuine intends to stay in Australia temporarily and this will be assessed based on:
  • the applicants’ situation in home country;
  • the applicants’ financial situation;
  • the applicants’ immigration history;
  • the applicants’ previous compliance with visa conditions;
  • whether the applicants intend to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 408 visa would be subject;
  • any other relevant matter.
Have adequate financial support
All applicants must have adequate financial capacity to support himself/herself or have adequate access to financial support throughout the applicants’ intended stay in Australia.
Be Supported or Sponsored
If apply from outside Australia and the proposed length of stay in Australia less than 3 months, applicants need to be supported by eligible organisation or person in Australia.

Otherwise, applicants need to be sponsored by eligible organisation or person in Australia. The sponsor will need to first become or apply to become a Temporary Activities sponsor before visa application can be lodged.

Temporary Activities sponsorship application must first be approved before this visa can be granted.

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