190 Visa Northern Territory

190 Visa NT Program

190 Visa NTIn this article, we will explain the requirements and application process for 190 Visa NT.
The Skilled Work 190 visa allows points-tested skilled workers and their families to live, study and work in Australia permanently. Visa holders can enrol in Australia’s public health care scheme, Medicare, sponsor relatives to come to Australia, and become Australian citizens if eligible. This visa is for people with skills that are in high demand in Australia’s labour market to settle in Australia.

190 Visa NT nomination step-by-step guide

  1. Seeking professional migration advice about your eligibility for Australian immigration and the action plan
  2. Assess your eligibility against the Department of Home Affairs requirements (age, English level, skills assessment and migration points test)
  3. Submit an expression of interest (EOI)
  4. Submit an application for NT Government nomination
  5. If successfully nominated, you will then receive a SkillSelect invitation to apply for the visa
  6. Submit your visa application and wait for the DHA’s decision
  7. If the visa is granted, you will then be required to meet your long-term commitments to living and working in the NT.

    Eligibility for 190 Visa NT – Federal Government

    You and your dependant family must satisfy the Department of Home Affairs requirements:

      • must be under age 45 when being nominated
      • obtain a full skills assessment for the skilled occupation that you have nominated
      • have competent level of English Language (unless specified by assessing/licensing or registration body or on the NT Migration Occupation List.
      • scored at least 65 points or higher on the skilled migration point test

Northern Territory Government Requirements

The 190 Visa for Northern Territory has the following 3 main streams:

    • NT Graduates
    • NT Residents
    • Offshore Applicants

1. Applicants who are NT Graduates

For people who are NT graduates living in Northern Territory, and wish to apply for NT 190 state nomination, the following state nomination requirements apply:

    • successfully completed one or more qualifications after studying in the NT, at an NT-based institution for two years in a single tertiary course or a set of nested tertiary courses, and
    • lived in the NT for at least six continuous months immediately after the date of completion of your last qualification, while holding a visa that allows full-time work, and
    • demonstrated genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment from an NT employer in your nominated occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.

2. Applicants who are residing in NT

For people who are living in Northern Territory, and wish to apply for NT 190 state nomination, the following state nomination requirements apply:

    • prove that you have been residing in the NT for at least two consecutive years immediately prior to application
    • demonstrate that none of your migrating dependants are living in another part of Australia, and
    • show that you have full-time employment in the NT in an eligible occupation for at least two years immediately prior to applying for NT nomination and the employment is available for at least an additional 12 months.

An eligible occupation for this purpose is:

  • the occupation identified in the skills assessment (nominated occupation), or
  • an occupation that is related to the nominated occupation. In order to be related to the nominated occupation, the majority of time in the position must be spent on tasks that align with the skills and knowledge required to undertake the nominated occupation.

The employment must also meet the following additional requirements:

  • the position must be based in the NT, and the employer must have a record of trading in the NT for at least 12 months
  • positions that are based at serviced office spaces or involve hot-desking arrangements will generally not be considered favourably
  • you must be paid at market salary.

3. Applicants who are outside of Australia

The Northern Territory general skilled migration program is currently closed to offshore applicants. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on our website for the latest updates.

All applicants will need to have a skilled occupation that is on the Australian Government’s current list of eligible skilled occupations. If you want to find out which eligible skilled occupations are in demand in the NT, you can check out the Northern Territory Migration Occupation List (NTMOL).

Furthermore, if you currently do not reside in the NT, you will need to prove your financial capacity by providing a list of all your financial assets in Australian dollars.

Please note the Northern Territory nomination policy is very complex and also there are also other further criteria required for the program. Please consult our registered migration agent before you make any application.

Processing Time for 190 NT Visa Nomination applications

The processing times for NT 190 visa nomination applications are generally as follows:

  • NT student and NT resident applicants approximately one month
  • Offshore applicants approximately six months

Ausdirect Migration for 190 Visa NT

Our team at Ausdirect Migration is very experienced in managing migration programs in relation to Northern Territory Visa applications. We have provided top-quality migration services to onshore and offshore clients to support them study in Northern Territory and apply for migration through Northern Territory.

We look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to assist you in managing your immigration journey.