Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

Subclass 590: Student Guardian Visa


Subclass 590: Student Guardian Visa

Subclass 590 Student Guardian visa is a temporary visa which allows parent, custodian or relative of overseas student to come to Australia to provide care and welfare support to the overseas student who is usually below 18 years old while holding a Student visa in Australia. The overseas student is usually a primary or secondary school student in Australia

Subclass 590 Student Guardian visa holder cannot work in Australia and must have genuine access to funds to cover living expenses and travel expenses associated with the visa holder's stay in Australia.

Stay Period

Validity of Subclass 590 Student Guardian visa will usually cease on the same day of the Student visa or once the Student visa holder/applicant turned 18 years old, whichever comes first.

Apply from...

All applicants may be in or outside Australia, but not in immigration clearance, to apply and to be granted this visa.

Each applicant in Australia when applying for this visa must hold a substantive visa that is NOT:
  • a Subclass 426 Domestic Worker (Temporary) - Domestic or Consular visa; or
  • a Subclass 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa in the Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream; or
  • a Subclass 995 Diplomatic (Temporary) visa granted to primary visa holder. A family member of the primary visa holder who holds the same visa can still apply for a Student visa in Australia; or
  • a Subclass 771 Transit visa; or
  • a Subclass 600 Visitor visa in the Sponsored Family stream or Approved Destination Status stream.

with no condition(s) attached to the visa that prevent the applicant from applying this visa in Australia.

If any applicant DOES NOT hold a substantive visa and the last substantive visa held was any of the following visa:
  • a Student visa;
  • a Subclass 995 Diplomatic (Temporary) visa granted to secondary visa holder,
the Subclass 590 Student Guardian visa application has to be made within 28 days after the substantive visa outlined aboved expired, provided the applicant has not previously been granted a visa based on an application made when the applicant did not hold a substantive visa.
To make a valid application for Subclass 590 visa and/or be granted this visa, the following sets of general criteria must be met:
Be a parent, a custodian or a relative of Student visa holder
The primary applicant is usually a parent, a person who has custody or a relative (who is at least 21 years old) of Student visa holder/applicant who:
  • is under 18 years old; or
  • has turned 18 years old and there are exceptional reasons why the Student visa holder/applicant needs the primary applicant to reside with the student in Australia.
For the purpose of this visa, a relative is the student’s:
  • parent or step-parent;
  • sibling or step-sibling;
  • spouse or de facto partner;
  • child or step-child;
  • grandparent or step-grandparent;
  • grandchild or step-grandchild;
  • aunt, uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle;
  • niece, nephew, step-niece or step-nephew.
Genuine intention to reside with Student visa holder/applicant to provide accomodation and general welfare support
Both the primary applicant and Student visa holder/applicant have genuine intention to live with each other.

The primary applicant must be able to provide appropriate accomodation, support and general welfare to the Student visa holder/applicant.
Applicant has no other children below 6 years old
In order to be granted this Subclass 590 Student Guardian visa, the primary applicant must not have any other children below 6 years old unless there are compelling and compassionate reasons.
Have adequate arrangements for health insurance
Before this visa can be granted, all applicants must have adequate arrangements for health insurance that meet the requirements for visa purposes throughout the period of intended stay in Australia.

Applicant from countries that have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia might not need to purchase insurance cover in order to meet the adequate arrangements for health insurance requirement. For detailed information, kindly visit Services Australia website.
Genuine Temporary Entrant
All applicants must demonstrate genuine intends to stay in Australia temporarily and this will be assessed based on:
  • the applicants’ situation in home country;
  • the applicants’ financial situation;
  • the applicants’ immigration history;
  • the applicants’ previous compliance with visa conditions;
  • whether the applicants intend to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 590 Student Guardian visa would be subject;
  • any other relevant matter.
Have adequate financial capacity
The primary applicant must has access to adequate financial capacity to cover course fees, living costs, travel expenses and schooling costs (for applicant with school-age dependant) for the first 12 months in Australia.
Made welfare arrangements for dependants oversears
The primary applicant must have made adequate arrangements, for the period of the applicant’s stay in Australia, for the accommodation, support and general welfare of any member of any family dependant who:
  • is not coming to Australia; and
  • is under 18 years of age; and
  • does not have a Student visa.
The following persons can apply for this Subclass 590 visa:
  • any person who met the eligibility criteria outlined in "Visa Eligibility Criteria" tab on this page (hereinafter referred to as "the Primary Applicant");
  • dependent child of the Primary Applicant, or of the Primary Applicant's spouse/de facto partner, who is below 6 years old at the time of visa application - visa can only be granted to dependent child in compelling and compassionate circumstances.
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If you would like to apply for Student Guardian Visa, please contact our office to discuss the best action plan.