Employer Sponsored Visas

Employer Sponsored Visa Pathways


At Ausdirect Migration, our team has solid experience in employer sponsored visa programs. We offer full range of services to assist employers in managing the entire sponsorship program including sponsorship application, nominations and visa applications for the hired overseas professionals.

A range of employment related visas that we assist are listed as below:


⇒ 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

TSS visa (482 visa) is a temporary visa allowing approved business sponsor to hire overseas workers, whose nominated occupation is on the approved occupation lists. Depending on the occupation nominated, the visa validity period can be 2 or 4 years. The visa can be renewed subject to the relevant criteria being satisfied.

This is the most common and popular employer sponsored visa. This visa enables employers to address labour shortages by bringing in skilled workers where the employers are unable to source an appropriately skilled Australian worker.


⇒ 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is for skilled workers who want to work in Australia and to apply for Permanent Residency through the employment opportunity. This visa involves a two-step process, firstly, nomination by an approved Australian employer and then an application under the nominated stream. It is part of the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa program.


⇒ 407 Training Visa

Subclass 407 Training visa is a temporary visa which allows sponsored individual to participate in workplace-based occupational training activities to improve skills related to occupation, area of tertiary study, field of expertise, or to participate in a professional development training program in Australia.


⇒ 408 Temporary Activity Visa

Subclass 408 Temporary Activity visa is a short-term visa which allows sponsored or supported individual to do specific types of work/activity in Australia on a temporary basis for a range of purposes such as research activities, sporting activities, entertainment activities and religious work etc.


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