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Australian Family Visa Pathways


Australian culture is founded on family, equality, humour, and enjoyment of life. These values are embraced by the Australians and also the newcomers to Australia who continue to shape this great country.

Over the years, the team at Ausdirect Migration has helped many families to arrange visa for family reunion including partner visas, child visa and parent visas etc.

We hereby have listed a range of common family related visas that we assist with below:


⇒ Prospective Marriage / Partner Visas

Partner Visas allow married or de facto (same or opposite sex) couples to enter and live in Australia with their sponsoring partner who can be an Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. There are onshore (820 visa / 801 visa) and offshore (100 visa / 309 visa) for this stream depending on the length of the relationship, location of the applicant and sponsor, and if the applicant currently holds any Australian visas etc.

Prospective Marriage visa allows people to come to Australia to marry their fiancé or fiancée within a 9 months period. After getting married, they can move onto the onshore Partner Visa pathway (820 visa / 801 visa).

If you are planning to apply for a Partner Visa, we strongly recommend you having a read of the latest Partner Visa Checklist.


⇒ Parent / Contributory Parent / Sponsored Parent Visas

There are a range of visa options in place for parents to migrate to Australia to join their children. Depending on the age of the parents, financial capability of the family, family balance test and also the expected waiting period, family can choose from Contributory or Non Contributory, Onshore or Offshore, Permanent or Temporary parent visa options. The most commonly parents visas our clients have been asking about are: Parent Visa 103 Visa, Contributory Parent Visa 143 Visa, Aged Parent Visa 804 Visa.

Due to the complexity of the visa options and the factors that should be evaluated, we highly recommend client to consult professional migration agents to secure the best option. Give us a call today to discuss.


⇒ Child / Adoption / Orphan Relative Visas

There are a range of onshore and offshore visa options in place for an eligible sponsor to sponsor a Child (802 visa / 101 visa), Adopted Child (102 visa) or an Orphan Relative (837 visa / 117 visa) to permanently migrate to Australia. For each option, there are a set of criteria that must be satisfied by the sponsor and applicant.

Please contact us to discuss further and secure the best option for your family.


⇒ 461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship Visa

The 461 visa allows a person who is not a New Zealand citizen but is a member of a family unit of a New Zealand citizen to live and work in Australia for a period of five years.

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