Visa Subclass 482 To Permanent Residency

TSS 482 visa to Permanent Residency

If you are currently holding a subclass 482 visa or planning to apply for a 482 visa, you will be most interested in finding out how to transit from the temporary 482 visa to a permanent visa to settle down in Australia.

Option 1: Apply for subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme through Temporary Residence Transition stream

You will be eligible for subclass 186 when/if:

  • You have worked for the same sponsor for three years on your TSS visa
  • You have worked in the same occupation for the three years
  • You have Competent English (at least 6.0 in all parts of IELTS or an equivalent test score)
  • You have been paid at least the salary confirmed with your 482 application
  • You are under 45 years of age at the time of lodging your permanent residency visa

A 482 visa in a STSOL occupation does not lead to permanent residency unless you come under the transitional arrangements for those who applied or held their 457 visa on or prior to 18 April 2017.

Option 2: Apply for subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme through Direct Entry stream

If you have not worked for the same employer for three years, you cannot apply for 186 visa through the transitional stream. However this does not mean you have to wait to complete the three years before you can apply for Permanent Visa!

You may still be able to apply for 186 as long as you can meet the 186 Direct Entry stream requirements. When apply through the Direct Entry stream, the sponsor can be your current employer who sponsored your TSS 482 visa, or a new employer.

Option 3: Apply for General Skilled Visas (189, 190 or 491 visa)

Having worked in Australia will significantly contribute to your profile and increase the chances for you to apply for a skilled visa directly instead of seeking employers sponsorship. This is particularly help when your employer is not ready to sponsor you for a Permanent Visa, or when your occupation is only on the short term list and you only have a short term 482 visa where there is no direct pathway to PR.

There are 3 types of most sought-after skilled visa:

The skilled visa applications are very competitive, if you would like to consider this option, we would highly recommend you consulting a skilled migration expert in our Ausdirect Migration team to define a clear strategy and plan as soon as possible.

On the top of the 3 common options above, there are also a range of other options which may be suitable for you to obtain the Permanent Residency. To understand more, please contact our team for a thorough analysis and advice.