South Australia 491 & 190 Visa Opened to Overseas Applicants

Can I apply 491 visa offshore & 190 visa offshore? Can I be nominated for South Australia 491 visa & South Australia 190 visa while located in offshore locations? These are the questions we usually get from our clients.

The answer is “Yes”, you can apply for 491 visa & 190 visa if you are not in Australia. The South Australian government has announced that from 28 September 2021, you will be considered to be nominated by South Australia if your occupation is one of the 70 ANZSCO occupations listed below:

Work Experience for South Australia 491 & South Australia 190 Visa Nomination

If you are located outside Australia, you must possess at least 8 years of work experience in your nominated occupation or closely related occupation to be considered for nomination by the South Australian government for South Australia 491 visa & South Australia 190 visa.

Closely related occupation is defined as within the ANZSCO 2-digit level. Where specified for your nomination occupation, other occupations may also be considered closely related. A skilled occupation in the same industry as your nominated occupation may also be considered a closely related occupation.

Which Australian States is currently nominating offshore-based applicants for 491 visa & 190 visa?

Apart from South Australia, as of 28 September 2021, no other Australian state is currently nominating offshore applicants. Hence, this is a great opportunity if you are located overseas and intend to migrate to Australia.

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