Australia is a beautiful and prospering country with lots of terrific activities to enjoy and lots of beautiful scenery to marvel at. One of the biggest reasons you might be interested in immigrating here specifically is because of the positive economic state of this leading country.

Various large cities such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and more offer lots of job and business opportunities for foreigners looking for steady investments and steady working environments. The low crime rate of this brilliant country is especially attractive to those coming from third world countries.

There are dozens of Australian visa types available and at Aus Direct Migration we offer assistance with the managing of various visa categories including the following main Australian visa types.

  • Business Visas
  • Employer Sponsored Visas
  • Skilled Visas
  • Family Visas

Here are the top differences between these leading Australian Visa types.

Business Visas

This is the perfect visa for business owners, senior executive employees of major companies, those looking to invest in Australia and high-calibre business owners who are planning on making Australia their new home.

There are three major business visas in this category which includes the following.

1. Business Innovation and Investment Visa – These are for entrepreneurs with a successful business career who might be interested in investing in businesses in Australia.

2. Permanent Business Talent Visa – These business visas are designed for high calibre businessmen and women in charge of successful overseas businesses who are also interested in starting new companies in Australia.

3. Permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa – This permanent visa can be granted to entrepreneurs who already obtained the temporary version of this visa and met the immigration requirements prescribed by that visa.

Employer Sponsored Visas

Finding enough skilled workers in Australia is often problematic for companies and as a result, these businesses often stretch out across borders to find suitable staff. Employer-sponsored visas are for those individuals who are lucky enough to find employment in an Australian business where skilled workforce lacked.

There are various visa types in this category including the following.

Temporary Work Visa – This work visa is suitable of those who choose to work in Australia on a temporary basis but is often utilised by those seeking permanent immigration but have yet to meet all the immigration requirements.

Regional Sponsored Migration – These visas enable those working in low population areas of Australia to sponsor foreign employees for a permanent visa to work in Australia.

Employer Nomination Scheme – The ENS visa enable Australian employees to sponsor foreign nationals for permanent visas to work in Australia.

Skilled Visas

Australia is constantly seeking skilled immigrants in order to boost the economy. Those with particular skills can obtain a skilled visa even though they might not be employer-sponsored.

Here are the leading categories for skilled visas.

Skilled Independent Visa – This visa is for permanent residence for points-tested workers that want to work and reside in Australia.

Temporary Graduate Visa – This is also known as a student visa and is awarded to students that recently graduated from an Australian educational institution and instantly allows you to work in Australia temporarily after obtaining your qualification.

Family Visas

Family Visas are mostly for family members of a main working member in Australia. There are quite a lot of varieties of family visas such as the following.

Prospective Marriage Visa – Visa for a spousal partner or prospective spousal partner.

Temporary Partner Visa – Temporary visa for a spousal partner.

Dependent Children Visas – These visas are for children that are still dependent on their working parents.

Parent Visa – The parents of an Australia visa holder or immigrant can obtain a parent visa for visits and perhaps residency

Contributory Parent Visa – Extended family members such as contributory parents can obtain this visa.

Aged Parents Visa – This is a visa for older parents such as seniors.

Remaining Relative Visa – A visa allocated for extended family members such as siblings.

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