Relationship statement is extremely essential for a successful Prospective Marriage Visa application as this is a golden opportunity to tell the love stories between you and your partner/fiancée/significant other. Usually two statements are needed: one from the visa sponsor (your partner) and another one from yourself. It’s important to be honest when writing the statement to prove that your relationship is genuine and continuing. The following structures are recommended when writing the statement as it addresses the key questions (Who, When, Where, What, Why, How) that the case officer might ask:

1. How did you get to know your partner?

To start off with the statement, it’s a good idea to give an introduction on how, when and where you meet your partner. It’s best to give an exact date on when you met your partner but in case you can’t remember, you can use terms like “mid June 2017” or “late June 2017”.

2. How did your relationship develop?

In this paragraph, you can explain the factors that drive both of you closer. Was that because you have similar interests or values? Was that because you were attracted to the personality of your partner? You can then go on to expand by telling the case officer through what significant events or activities that are instrumental in helping you to realise you have intense feelings towards your partner.

3. How did you present both of your relationship to both of your families and friends?

In this paragraph, the case officer is particularly interested in knowing how your friends and your families see the relationship between you and your partner. It’s best to mention whether the family from both parties support both of your relationship and describe any activities that involved you, your partner and families/friends together.

4. When did both of you decide to marry?

In this section, you can write more about when you proposed or received marriage proposal and address how and when it occurred.

5. Was there any period when both of you lived separately since committed to the relationship?

It’s common for Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa applicant to live separately with his/her partner in another country. What’s important here is to tell the case officer how both of you keep in contact and maintain the relationship while living apart. If you claimed that both of you communicate regularly through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other means, it’s best to substantiate your claim by providing a screenshot of the chat log or phone record from phone bills. We understand that sometimes this kind of evidence can be a bit personal but rest assured all these are just to support the relationship is genuine and continuing.

6. Your plans in the future.

Finally, you may conclude the statement by elaborating your future plans once you are in Australia together with your partner. These plans usually are family and financial plan.

In your application, it would be helpful if you could provide evidences such as photographs, travel tickets and entry tickets for joint activities that involved you and your partner to support your claims in the statement. Lastly, it is important that you and your partner’s statements are consistent as any inconsistencies in both statements could raise suspicions to the reader. We wish you best of luck in your Prospective Marriage Visa application and alternatively you may also engage us to help you with the application to avoid possible costly mistakes.


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