Changes to International Students Working Hours

Changes to International Students Working Hours

Changes to international student working hourBreaking news! Prime Minister recently announced there will be changes for international students working hour limit.

Currently, international students are subjected to condition 8105, which is the 40 hour per fortnight work limitation, unless you are studying a Masters by Research or a PhD then this condition does not apply to you. In 2021, the federal government already removed the 40-hour work limits for international students who work in certain industries, including health care, tourism and hospitality, supermarkets, and agriculture.

However, as Omicron COVID-19 is sweeping through entire Australia and more people are forcing go into isolation, this puts Australia’s labour market under tremendous pressure.

In order to cope with this issue, the Prime Minister made an announcement on 13 January 2013 that the federal government will temporarily lift the 40-hour per fortnight work limitation placed on international students. In other words, international students will be allowed to pick up more hours to help alleviate the pressure caused by labour shortage.

The Prime Minister encourages international students to return to Australia. Backpackers are also welcomed into the country under working holidays visas, as long as they are fully vaccinated.

As of now, the only information available is through media reports and Ministerial media releases. The details of how this arrangement will operate and when it will come into effect are yet to be confirmed.

Please stay tuned and keep an eye on our website. Our team will bring you the latest announcement.

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