As the financial year is drawing to a close, most people will be preoccupied with the End of Financial Year (EOFY) Sales. If you or people around you are planning to apply for an Australian visa, it’s advised to lodge the application before 1 July 2019 as the visa application charges for all visa subclasses, except Subclass 600 visa, are set to increase by whopping 5.4%¹ from 1 July 2019 as published in the 2019-20 Australia Government Federal Budget papers in a period of record low Consumer Price Index (CPI) environment. The extra amount you’ll have to fork out can be quite significant if you are applying for expensive visa like partner visa. For example, Stage 1 partner visa that currently costs AUD7,160 will cost you approximately AUD7,546 from 1 July 2019, that’s an increase of whopping AUD386.64.

However, there are good news for athletes and officials participating in the 2019 INAS Global Games in Brisbane and the International Cricket Council T20 World Cup in 2020 as the Government will be waiving the visa application charges.

If you are currently looking to apply for an Australia visa and don’t know where to start, save the hassle so that you can concentrate on EOFY Sales by contacting us for consultation NOW before you have to pay 5.4% more in visa application charge.

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